5 Home Products To Help Your Loved One With Dementia

Elderly couple walking on a track

As signs and symptoms of dementia progress, you or your loved one may benefit from additional support to help improve medication management, orientation, recall appointments, and safety in the home setting. Here are five products that can help make life a little more functional:

A Digital Orientation Clock

These clocks benefit individuals who have difficulty recalling current orientation information and time of day. I recommend placing one of these clocks on a bedside table or dresser in a person’s bedroom. Often when a person with dementia wakes up in the middle of the night, they may think it’s 3 pm rather than 3 am. Providing a clock that clearly states in written form whether it is day or night can assist your loved one in determining if they should get out of bed or try to fall back to sleep.

I recommend placing one of these clocks in a central living area that can be viewed regularly or at a designated “command center.” Having one of these clocks visible throughout the day can assist your loved one in maintaining an understanding of orientation information with decreased effort and anxiety. 


Day and Night Medication Organizer

Medication management can be a challenge for individuals with dementia. There are severe consequences if an individual misses medications or potentially doubles up on drugs due to memory deficits. I recommend using a large, color-coded, night and day pill organizer to assist with taking medications correctly. 


Large Desk Calendar

Placing a large desk calendar in the house’s main living area can assist an individual with dementia with orientation and serve as a reminder for upcoming and past appointments. I recommend documenting all monthly charges, including doctor’s visits, beauty appointments, lunches with family members, or social events on the calendar. If able, I recommend having a large desk calendar as part of the created “command center” inside the house. 


Alexa Echo Dot

The Alexa Echo Dot can be a personal reminder for your loved one with dementia. The Echo can remind an individual it is time to take medication, have a snack, eat lunch, or even exercise. The Echo can also answer basic questions your loved one may have. Alexa can also be programmed to turn lights on or off at certain times and can assist with controlling other devices in the house. If your loved one has difficulty remembering what the Echo does, a visual aid can be placed next to the echo and provide example questions to ask.


Amazon Smart Plug

The smart plug works with the echo dot or other Alexa devices. Following a quick and easy setup by a caregiver or loved one, an individual with dementia can ask Alexa to turn lights on or off, turn a fan on, and music by simply using their voice. Using a smart plug to complete simple tasks can improve safety and prevent potential falls, confusion, and frustration. 


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