At SSNR, we offer SPEAKOUT! Therapy Program created by the Parkinson’s Voice Project.

elderly man laughing with son

At SSNR we treat individuals who have experienced a change to their voice. We offer speech therapy for individuals with Parkinson’s disease and provide SPEAK OUT! Created by The Parkinson’s Voice Project which is a specialized program designed to improve voice function, loundess, and clarity.

Common impairments in speech function related to Parkinson’s disease include

  • Soft , quiet sounding voice
  • Monotone voice with decreased variation in pitch
  • Slow, labor intensive speech
  • Slurred or mumbled speech
  • Hoarse, harsh, or breathy vocal quality
elderly man laughing with son
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Speech Therapy can improve loudness, vocal resonance, and speech intelligibility.

At SSNR, we offer a weekly LOUD Crowd group meeting for individuals who have completed the SPEAKOUT! Therapy program. Our LOUD Crowd members maintain their skills by completing exercises together weekly. Contact our office today to learn more about SPEAKOUT!

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