FEES is the gold standard

pharynx inside the throat

FEES is the gold standard

SSNR is East Texas’ premier mobile Fiberoptic Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing (FEES) provider.

FEES is completed using a flexible endoscope which is passed along the floor of the nasal cavity and into the pharynx in order to view the function of the swallow. Colored food and liquids are presented during the evaluation. Different food consistencies can be trialed multiple times and different compensatory strategies/swallow maneuvers can be implemented to determine a true understanding of the patient’s current functional level. We record the entire exam using HD full color imaging and review each exam frame by frame (our camera generates 30 frames per second) providing incredibly detailed imaging and comprehensive results.

Swallowing diagnosis procedure look into throat
Mobile FEEs procedure of throat performed on laptop

Our reports include detailed description of bolus movement, swallowing physiology, and color images to provide treating clinician, physicians, and patients family with detailed understanding of the patient’s swallow function. Our endoscopist is highly trained regarding current best practices in dysphagia management, rehabilitation, and compensation techniques. We will review our report with the facility SLP and provide treatment recommendations as well provide assistance with billing and the informed consent process.

We bill one flat rate so no hidden charges for cancelations or travel. We use the NDOhd system which provides the highest quality HD images with resolution better than the other scopes on the market While we guarantee we will complete our FEES procedure within 3 business days, evaluations typically happen with in 1-2 days after we receive the referral.

“We believe it is imperative that patients complete objective swallowing examinations in order to create effective and efficient plans of care to improve our patient’s quality of life.”

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