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At SSNR we specialize in treating dysphagia caused by head and neck cancer.

We implement a prophylactic, proactive approach and work closely with other members of each individual's multidisciplinary team including oncologists, radiation oncologists, oncology nurses, ENT’s, and nutritionists.

We use the most up to date research to drive each individual's exercise program and monitor each individual’s swallow function closely as they participate in radiation and chemotherapies.

woman holding neck in pain
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At SSNR we are certified providers of:

McNeill Dysphagia Therapy Program (MDTP), an exercise based boot camp approach to dysphagia therapy. MDTP uses the principles of muscle physiology to aid individuals in eating more effectively and safely.

Ampcare Effective Swallow Protocol, an exercise program that uses neuromuscular electrical stimulation coupled with restrictive exercises.

Myofascial release, a form of manual therapy to address symptoms of dysphagia resulting following participation in radiation and chemotherapy including:

  • Trismus, decreased jaw opening
  • Edema in speech and swallowing musculature
  • Pain when swallowing
  • Decreased range of motion in tongue, lips, cheeks, and neck

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