At SSNR we offer skilled cognitive linguistic therapy:

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At SSNR we offer skilled cognitive linguistic therapy:

  • Skilled speech, language, and cognitive therapy can target specific memory and communication strategies to maximize function and quality of life
  • Skilled therapy can assist with decreasing anxiety and stress for patients and family members
  • Skilled therapy can target specific tasks to assist in maintaining skills and independence
  • Depending on insurance, we can provide therapy in our main office in Tyler or in an individual’s home to improve carry over and function
  • Skilled therapy can be billed to insurance
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We also offer wellness services for those with dementia:

  • Wellness services can be provided to individuals following discharge from skilled therapy
  • Wellness services can be provided at the family or individuals preferred frequency of weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly visits.
  • Wellness services allow for continued support for both the individual and the caregiver in the home setting
  • Wellness services allow for individuals to continue to have cognitive stimulation in their home environment
  • Our wellness services are not covered by insurance
  • Family and Caregiver Consulting and Coaching sessions
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At SSNR we also offer consulting services for family members, caregivers, or loved ones of individuals diagnosed with dementia.

We offer consulting sessions that can be completed virtually or in person in our Tyler office.

Our Family and Caregiver Consulting and Coaching Sessions do not include the individual diagnosed with dementia

Family and Caregiver Consulting and Coaching is not covered by insurance and is provided on an as-needed basis. Some caregivers prefer a monthly check in while others prefer bi-weekly sessions to address continued functional changes with their loved ones.

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